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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that helps you deal with the way your teeth appears. It helps make you take pride in showing off your nicely arranged set of teeth through smiling or even laughing as the case may be. A dentist who specializes in the field of Orthodontics is known as an Orthodontist. The great thing about Orthodontics is that it helps you treat your teeth and make it appear better than it used to through various means. One of the popular means of taking care of the teeth through Orthodontics is through the use of braces which corrects some forms of anomaly like a crooked set of teeth.

What it takes to become an Orthodontist

It is necessary to point out here that the people that you leave your teeth to take care of and correct for you are professionals in their field who have undergone years of training and have experience in what they are doing. To become an Orthodontist, you must first pass through the rudimentary training of being a dentist before going further to undergo the special training that will make you qualify as an Orthodontist in a dental college or school. This field of dentistry was established by the great efforts of Norman William Kingsley and Edward Angle who are regarded as pioneer orthodontics. This specialized field of dentistry deals primarily and majorly on the prevention, diagnosis and correction of the teeth and the jaws that are not properly positioned in your mouth.

What is the meaning of Orthodontics?

This is an English word that is derived from these two (2) Greek words Orthos which when interpreted into English simply means straight or correct and Dontia which means teeth in the English Language.

Orthodontic Treatment

The most common type of Orthodontic treatment is the use of braces to correct and help to correct and shape the way your teeth is positioned. Braces are made up of brackets, wires and bands and they help to move your teeth into its right position gently. It not only positions your teeth, it also helps to fix together the way you eat and bite things. Braces are made from different types of material but the two (2) most common type of materials used in making braces are the plastic and metal materials. They are usually attached to your teeth at the front surface but there are the braces that are attached to the back part of your teeth and they are referred to as the “Lingual braces”. Cleaning this type of braces is usually difficult because they are at the back of the teeth and are not easily seen.

When can you commence Orthodontics Treatment?

It is usually better to start treatment when the person is a child and that is after he or she has brought out all his or her set of teeth. This does not however stop adults from undergoing this type of treatment as a lot of adults now undergo the treatment and the number of adults keeps increasing by the day.

Orthodontics treatment is simple as it mostly requires an x-ray of your teeth after a full examination of same. A plaster model of your teeth is then designed which will then be used to determine how best to set the braces.