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Why You Need Orthodontic Retainers after braces

It is always a relief when you finally get the chance to get your braces off. Your teeth may appear to have taken the perfect condition but to be sure, you need an orthodontic retainer. This is a custom-made orthodontic appliance that is designed to hold the position of the teeth to make them settle in the jawbone and be held in place by the soft tissue. It can be made solid plastic or wire and plastic and it helps a great deal in keeping your teeth from shifting.

To get the best results, you have to follow the instructions that you are given for wearing the orthodontic retainer to the letter. Wearing them in the beginning may make you feel pressure on your teeth and even a little soreness but with time you will start to feel more comfortable wearing them. Retainers have to be worn daily for duration of 1 year whereby the growth and stability of your teeth will be monitored closely.

One of the reasons why you need a retainer is that will help to make your teeth to be stable in their new positions. When you have gone through any kind of orthodontic treatment, the bone and ligament that surrounds the teeth needs time to reform so as to adjust teeth in their new positions. Another reason why you should wear a retainer is that it will ensure that your teeth do not go back to the positions they used to be thus affecting your new found smile.

It also possible for your teeth to go back to the position they were at if you don’t wear retainers because it will be much easier for them to realign themselves in their old position if they do not have anything supporting them in the new position. You should also wear retainers because there are many kinds and you can’t miss finding one that will suit your perfectly. The most common are the Hawley retainers which are made with wires and clasps that are embedded in a thick plastic body that is designed to cover the roof of your mouth.

Other types include the clear retainers which are clear plastic vacuum-formed retainers which are custom-made from the cast of your teeth and the fixed retainers which are permanent and can only be removed by a dental professional. Also, wearing retainers may be mandatory at all times during the first stages but after sometime you will only be required to wear them only at night. It will also avoid damage of teeth by allowing the healing process to end in a slow and gentle manner.

After you have worn your retainers daily for 12 months, it is recommended by dentists that you still wear them for like 3-5 times a week throughout your lifetime. Many may view this as some kind of torture but the truth is that if you don’t wear them, your straight teeth may regress to their old positions as you get older and subject your teeth to many things.